Keith Olbermann was suspended without pay from his job at MSNBC for violating the network’s “ethics policy.” That baseball bat has so many barrels, I feel almost guilty picking it up.

The violation was for donating money to Democratic political campaigns. This, of course, is preferable to being caught donating money to Republican political campaigns, which automatically results in being pummeled with a 9 iron and then forced to sit through an interview with Al Roker on the Today Show. Most have lived through the 9 iron, not many have made it through Al Roker.

This, we’re told, is a violation of  “NBC’s ethics policy,” which raises the universal question that comes immediately to mind, “NBC has an ethics policy?”   And how does someone get suspended from MSNBC for ethics violations? Isn’t that sort of like being thrown out of a whore house for cussing? If, in fact, they do have an ethics policy, Johnny Carson must have it in his suit pocket, because I don’t think anyone’s seen it in years.

And again, if there is an ethics policy, do they mean to say that Keith Olbermann is just now violating it??  Something tells me this ethics policy isn’t worth the cocktail napkin it’s written on.

Nevertheless, I don’t think Keith Olbermann should be suspended. (It took me about five minutes to type that last sentence.)  I never dreamed I would ever be in a position to defend Keith Olbermann, but there it is. Excuse me while I shower.

So he gave money to political campaigns… so what? I don’t think there’s anyone on planet Earth, except maybe Chris Matthews (OK, non-qualifying example) that thinks Keith Olbermann is a reporter or journalist or even a serious adult. I mean, this is MSNBC! Aren’t these the people that oil Nancy Pelosi’s feet every morning?

The only thing that surprised anyone about Keith Olbermann giving money to Democratic political campaigns, was that it was approximately $7200. Seems like quite a bit of money for someone that everyone assumed was on hourly pay.

To be honest, I’ve seen maybe 35 seconds total of Keith Olbermann in action and over about seven attempted viewings, but I’m sure of this—there are a lot of factors that have contributed to the growing ranks of conservatives in this country, and you’d be hard pressed to find many more effective than Keith Olbermann.

Put him back on MSNBC and turn up the volume. He has paid good money to keep that spot and his several hundred regular viewers deserve him.

Perhaps for the first time in America’s history, our country hangs by the thread of a vote. We assume that every American cherishes their freedom, their independence. But many in this country would gladly exchange their independence for dependence. Many already have. Most are unaware that by choosing dependence, they sell themselves and their families into a form of slavery. A suffocating pit from which there is little chance of escape. And does the government then bear the burden and responsibility for their lives? No. The government can do nothing, provide nothing except that which it takes from others.

This is the tyranny our forefather’s rejected and overcame.  And with great sacrifice, in the fires that try men’s souls, they forged a new nation. To preserve that nation and the liberty of its citizens, they designed a new form of government, one never before seen.  A government that ruled, not from the top down, concentrated and gripped in the hands of a few, but from the bottom up, guarded and guided by the people.  Governance by “consent of the governed.” 

They formed this government cautiously, almost reluctantly. Recognizing the dangerous propensity of government to gather unto itself the trappings of power and greed and to grow itself to monolithic proportions, they sought to chain the beast. They endeavored to guarantee our freedom by binding the government within the specified limits of the Constitution. They delivered into our hands a Republic, “if you can keep it,” declared Benjamin Franklin.

And so we prepare ourselves to answer that challenge. Will we rise to arrest a government that has wrested itself from its legal confines? Will we seize the opportunity and the privilege to rush to the sides of those who have paid the ultimate price, those who risk their lives this very day to preserve our freedom? Will we stand together to re-impose the constraints of limited government via the Constitution?

Our founders entrusted to us a weapon that draws no blood, takes no lives. Yet it has the power to tame the beast of tyranny. They gave us the power to vote. Duty calls.

Practitioners of political correctness are increasingly exposed in their hypocrisy and their true motives laid bare—march in lock step with them or be trampled.  We’ve witnessed it in thuggish regimes throughout history and to present day. We see it in radical Islam and in leftist ideology around the world, including here in our own country.

Freedom of speech is anathema to them. It is sometimes taken swiftly, sometimes gradually, but it must be taken. Those who speak in opposition, who think differently, who fall out of lockstep, must be silenced. Note the left’s war against Fox News and against American citizens gathering and speaking out against Obama and his policies. These citizens who are exercising their 1st Amendment rights are demonized as bigoted racists by the left in an attempt to silence all opposing voices.

And herein lies their hypocrisy—that these who tout themselves to be tolerant and compassionate, are neither.

It is standard practice on the campuses and in the halls of American universities, infected and overrun by left-wing ideologues, to shout down, intimidate, or ban speech that is in opposition to their doctrine. “Hate speech” is the silencing-bat now brutally wielded along with perennial favorite, “racist.”

Campus shout-downs of conservative speakers by student mobs, often led by faculty members, have been common since the early eighties. Jeane Kirkpatrick was famously shouted down at the University of California  at Berkeley in 1983. Faculty members justified their actions and those of their students by claiming that “oppressors have no free speech rights.” Of course, the truth that those who deny free speech are the oppressors, escaped the zealots completely. Consider several recent examples, just this past week, of the continuing erosion of free speech by the left.

  • Arianna Huffington, accusing Jenny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of calling Barack Obama a tyrant, suggests that freedom of speech shouldn’t include “irrational statements”.  Obviously, Ms. Huffington  presumes herself and her fellow lockstep automatons to be seated in the Ministry of Rational Thought.  This from a woman who once published that “Adolf Hitler was a better man than President George Bush.”
  • Earlier this week, a union fired one of its workers for wearing a George H. W. Bush sweatshirt and hat. The worker pleaded that his clothes were a show of support for his son who was serving on the aircraft carrier, USS George H W Bush. Union leaders fired him anyway. Message to millions of union employees: To keep your job, stay in lockstep with us.
  • Proving that absolutely no one is safe when they fall out of step, Juan Williams, liberal news analyst for NPR, was fired for not towing the line of political correctness by daring to share that he sometimes gets worried or nervous when he’s on a plane with people in Muslim garb. Never mind that he went on to explain that he thought this was wrong and that we shouldn’t project the crimes and motives of some Muslims on all Muslims. Not good enough for NPR. Many believe that Williams’ firing was a trigger waiting to be pulled and that Juan was jettisoned from the acceptable ranks of the leftist message machine in response to his regular appearances as a Fox News contributor and for his repeated displays of “free thinking” outside of prescribed boundaries.

The full frontal assault on the American people and their freedom of speech goes all the way to the White House. Obama’s now frequent and unseemly, often juvenile attacks against those who oppose him, has been astonishing to witness. Obama’s choice for Legal Advisor to the Department of State, Harold Koh, supports the criticism of “America’s human-rights narcissism, particularly in its embrace of the First Amendment,” in what he calls a “penetrating essay” by Michael Ignatieff.

And so they march on, in perfect lockstep, claiming themselves to be virtuous guardians of all that is good, while openly trampling those who get in their way. It’s a scene we’ve seen played out in history many times. And it has never ended well.


Who Is Arianna Huffington to Lecture Others About Hiring Paranoid Commentators? / Tim Graham,

Re: “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value” / Ed Whelan,

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Department of Interior blocks US Border Patrol from protecting borders

Interior Department Blocking Border Patrol’s Access to Federal Lands

The Interior Department of the Obama Administration is blocking access to federal lands, preventing the US Border Patrol from sealing, or even patrolling vast areas of the US southern border with Mexico. This according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) draft report.

More than 40 percent of the southwest borderland has been deemed “federal land” and is managed by the Interior Department. The GAO reports that Department of Interior’s federal land managers are actively preventing Border Patrol agents from doing their job.  The report says, “With limited access for patrols and monitoring, some illegal entries may go undetected.” The question is “how many?” The likely answer is “thousands.”

“The severity of the crisis along the border cannot be underestimated,” says Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah. Sweeping areas of America’s borderlands, wilderness, and parklands are now determined to be too dangerous for American citizens and have been effectively surrendered to waves of drug traffickers and human-smugglers feeding on desperate, illegal immigrants. Homeland Security’s mission to prevent potential terrorists from entering is also thwarted.

The federal government has authorized expenditures of the American taxpayer’s money in the amount of $1.6 billion through the US Border Patrol over the last five years in the Secure Border Initiative. However, the border is at its very weakest and is most unprotected exactly where it’s under the federal management of the Interior Department.

In a written statement, Rep. Bishop says, “When you take a look at the track record of the border patrol you will see that they are extremely effective and successful in the border areas they are able to routinely patrol—private and state lands. Unfortunately, this does not include the federal lands and it should.” As the lives of American citizens become more endangered and tragic crimes mount, the Interior Department defends their interference with Border Patrol operations by claiming they are “protecting the wilderness.” The GAO reports among several anecdotal examples, that Border Patrol agents encounter locked gates at the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona. The administrative roads that Border Patrol agents would use to patrol the border are blocked because their vehicles might “threaten the habitat of the endangered Yaqui chub fish.”

In a dangerous and twisted irony that can only be wrought from the poorly managed and grossly ineffective federal government, the Interior Department points to its goal of protecting the land from human interference. But by blocking access to the Border Patrol, they have facilitated hoards of illegal immigrants and drug traffickers to trample and trash the very same wilderness refuge they claim to want to protect.

Source material:

Tweedledde & Tweedledum Feud as America Invaded  (Barbara Hollingsworth/Washington Examiner)

Border Patrol Projects Caught Up for Months in Red Tape, Government Study Shows (Judson Berger/Fox

  • Al Gore saves the planet. Again.


Dear Aunt Barbara,

Thanks for sending those amazing photos of the striped icebergs.  I have never seen or heard of anything like this.

Of course, I became quite alarmed and decided we need to find out for certain what’s causing this. It’s obvious to me that some sort of scientific phenomena is occurring and should be adequately investigated. Naturally, I contacted Al Gore.

Believe it or not, Al was already on top of it. He sent me an amazing body of scientific evidence proving, beyond any doubt (by reasonable people, of course) that this phenomena is happening all over the world in what he’s calling “global striping”. It’s pretty scary stuff.

Undeniable scientific proof of global striping.

                         Al explained that this was being caused by way too much money in the atmosphere, particularly here in America. What he’s proposing is the “de-greening” of America. Essentially what needs to happen is that each of us as serious patriotic Americans and responsible stewards of the earth, should divest ourselves of the evil offender (money) as quickly as possible. He has developed some sort of “machine” where this money can be collected and safely “redistributed” in order to cause the very least atmospheric disturbance. We just need to send it all to him. If we don’t we can expect to see more outbreaks of “global striping” like these horrific photos demonstrate.

Horrific effects of global striping

No doubt, many people will be skeptical. There are always “those”, the ignorant masses. He says that’s why we have to get the word out through the most effective means. For example, Academy Award winning movies (tickets $12, popcorn $6), books ($24.95), public schools and universities, and Oprah. We don’t want to scare anybody, but if we don’t stop global striping now, our children could be next.

Al says "save the children."

I don’t know about you, but I think the country, nay, the entire world owes Al Gore a tremendous debt for alerting us to the dangers of global striping. I only hope that someday we can find a way to repay him.

Amercia says "thank you" to Al Gore.

God Bless America!  Your loving nephew,  Randy.

Remember when your Democrat friends and relatives used to arch their backs and hiss like wet cats whenever you suggested the party was drifting further and further left into Socialist/Communist waters. “Hate monger,” they spewed in response. Then they’d inexplicably run out of the room like they suddenly realized Rosie O’Donnell was digging around in their refrigerator.

We were called “paranoid conspiracy nuts”; “Glenn Beck lemmings”; and of course, the obligatory “racist” just for good measure. These and any other of a dozen or more pre-programmed response phrases that are hardwired into their central nervous systems. (I’m told by reliable sources that this programming takes place during a rather simple out-patient procedure—usually at their Wednesday night Starbucks meetings.)

The Oct 2 Obama/Pelosi-endorsed “One Nation” rally in Washington D.C. gave us all a pretty scary peek behind the curtain of the Democratic Party. And I’m not just talking about Ed Schultz. I printed out a list of “endorsing organizations” from the One Nation website and it ate up twenty-six pages. I mention that in case any of the sponsoring eco-terrorist group members are reading. Let’s check the guest list… The Apollo Alliance…check, hosted by the NAACP… nothing else to do…check, Code Pink…of course. Here we go… Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialist Organization, Communist Party of America… an oxymoron in my book, but there in big numbers none the less.

Oh, let’s see… lot’s of union groups, eternal victim groups, Drum Major Institute (?)… gosh, is nothing sacred anymore?  Quite a few Marxist groups here with innocuous names (ie. ANSWER, War Resisters League, etc.).  The Coffee Party Progressives… I guess that’s the Starbucks crowd.

SEIU’s purple-shirted thugs were there in case any random incidents of peace and tranquility broke out.  

And ACORN was there, but nobody recognized them because no one’s figured out their new code names yet.

Now to be fair, there were a lot of good, concerned American citizens there. There are plenty of honest, hard-working Americans, many of my own family members and friends among them, who have been Democrats all their voting-lives. But you’ve got to think that at some point they’d wake up and look around them and say, “My gosh, who are these people I find myself aligned with?”

Maybe they’ve just been riding the “D-Party Bus” so long, with their heads out the window (throwing eggs at the Tea Party-ers, I guess) that they haven’t noticed that the bus driver bears a remarkable resemblance to Karl Marx.

Wake up, true American Democrats! Your bus has been hijacked!

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D) mocks the ideas of the Constitution.

Remember when the Democrats used to at least pretend they somewhat agreed with the Constitution that the government’s powers are derived from the consent of the governed? Like everytime they took the oath of office? Well, the pretense is over. Every day we see more of them creeping out of their spooky closets (Lenin closets? I digress.) to astound us with their radical left wing bizzaro babble. And in their upside down Alice-in-Wonderland-world, those of us who do dare to believe in the Constitution and American ideals of a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”–we’re considered the radical extremists.

Consider Rep. Jan Schakowsky from Illinois (don’t drink the water in Illinois!) who openly mocks those who believe in “the idea that free people can govern themselves.” According to her, people who believe in and are quoting from the Constitution are plotting some extreme radical revolution.

Yes, Jan. You got that part right. We are planning a radical revolution. (Pssst… D-Day is Nov 2.)   (Video)

Not sure? Ask Snopes.

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Ever passed along a bit of information from the internet to your email friends only to have one of them return it with a note that they had checked it out on and found out that none of it was true. Yeah, I know. Nothing like a little truth to spoil the fun. For many souls zipping around the world wide web, Snopes has become the arbiter of truth. But who are these people and what makes them the experts. Well, we did a little checking and here’s what we found.

Snopes, as it turns out, is Todd and Wanda Snopes, working out of Cuddy’s Sorrow, Oklahoma and armed with a partial set of encylopedias (“We’re missing the I-J edition.”) and a subscription to People magazine. Todd and Wanda are setting the record straight.

Todd Snopes

Wanda Snopes

Wanda explains “how the whole thing got started.” 

“Todd had a computer he used in his bait and tackle business. The business nose-dived when oil leaked out of his Pontiac Firebird and got in the worm bed.”

“Fish don’t bite on oily worms,” says Todd. “You can try to squeeze the oil out, but it don’t leave much worm. That pretty much put us out of business.”  

Todd's worm bed

“I started getting on the computer more and more, since it wasn’t being used for anything else,” Wanda remembers, “and started learning my way around the internet.”

“I was on there one day looking around, trying to find out where to redeem seventy-three hundred Raleigh cigarette coupons that Mama left as my inheritance. She was two hundred short of that set of Wild Turkey lamps when she died.”

7300 Raleigh cigarette coupons. Wanda's inheritance.

Wild Turkey lamp set. 7500 Raleigh coupons.

“Anyway,” continues Wanda, “while I was on there diggin’ around I came across this blog story about an email that was circulating saying that Ted Danson had only three toes on one foot!  Now I love Ted Danson and had just read his complete biography in People magazine and it hadn’t mentioned one thing about a three-toed Ted Danson.”

Ted Danson's complete biography in People magazine.

Three-toed footprint on the beach near Ted Danson's house.

 “So I posted a reply to everybody that the story just wasn’t true and left my email address in case anybody wanted to argue about it. Next thing you know I had someone emailing me asking me if it was true that Teflon was made from monkey fat. I wasn’t sure so I asked Todd and he said no, that monkey fat was used to make Turtle Wax, which I found pretty confusing… I mean, why not call it Monkey Wax then?” 

Todd Snopes says Turtle Wax made from monkey fat.

“Well, one thing led to another and before you know it we had a website with everybody in the world sending us stuff to ask us whether it was true or not. Thank goodness Mama left us those encyclopedias.”

“But you can thank me for the subscription to People magazine,” adds Todd.

“Yeah,” smiles Wanda, “that was my first anniversary gift.”

Wanda's mama, Birdie Jo Tankersly

Ever since the opening scene of Goldfinger when James Bond emerged from the night waters, set plastic explosives to destroy some bad guy’s hangout, and then calmly removed his scuba dry suit to reveal a perfectly pressed white tuxedo underneath, I’ve been hooked.

That Christmas, I had to have something, anything—James Bond related. And Sears was waiting on me (and thousands like me). The 1965 Sears Wish Book Catalogue was chock full of the “must have” toys and I absolutely wore out pages 467-468. That’s where the 007 James Bond Race Set was displayed and described in incredibly tantalizing detail. In my imagination the cars would flip, make cool screeching noises, eject unwanted passengers from the car… everything I could ever want.

I didn’t get the James Bond Race Set. The $33 price tag was just too much. As it turned out, most of the kids who did get the sets had to return them. The sets were apparently rushed through production and thousands of them were inoperable.

 I did get the James Bond Attaché Case that contained enough hidden weapons to plot my little brother’s untimely demise. My plots weren’t as successful as Mr. Bond’s. But then he didn’t have to contend with my mother.

James Bond Race Set in action!  (Click here)

1965 Sears Christmas Catalogue

Rats aboard a sinking ship instinctively smell trouble and will seek ways to abandon the doomed vessel and cling to any floating scrap for a chance at survival. Politicians have the same instinct. Suddenly, Barack Obama, Boy King of Utopia, who a year ago couldn’t sneak into a bathroom stall for a quick tug on a cigarette without six congressional Democrats following him in, eager to catch his ashes—now arrives in the home states of these same Democrats to help out with the fundraising and finds only swinging doors and the faint scent of burnt tire rubber in the air.

When the president traveled to Texas in early August, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White was a no-show at the speech. White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters, “I think it says that Bill White had something else going on today that he would rather do than campaign with the president.” No doubt. And that could have been anything from cleaning out his garage to a last minute unscheduled colonoscopy. Who could blame him?

Big O got the same sort of warm reception when he showed up in Milwaukee on Labor Day. Democratic Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin was apparently having tea with Amelia Earhart and couldn’t be found.

Not only are many Democrat candidates refusing to be seen with the president, many are openly advertising their newfound opposition to the president’s policies. Campaign ads are popping up across the country—Democrat campaign ads, mind you, touting “I voted against the energy tax”; “not afraid to stand up to the president”; and my favorite from Democratic Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, “I will not support additional spending in a second stimulus package.” That’s sort of like saying, “I helped rob that first bank, but I’m not going to help rob that second bank…that would be criminal!”

A pitiful state of affairs. The Boy King with his crown all polished and nowhere to go… and the rats floating around on abandoned luggage hoping for just one more ride.