NBC Has an Ethics Policy??

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Bigdawgz Bark (Politics), Bigdawgz Howl (Funny Stuff)
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Keith Olbermann was suspended without pay from his job at MSNBC for violating the network’s “ethics policy.” That baseball bat has so many barrels, I feel almost guilty picking it up.

The violation was for donating money to Democratic political campaigns. This, of course, is preferable to being caught donating money to Republican political campaigns, which automatically results in being pummeled with a 9 iron and then forced to sit through an interview with Al Roker on the Today Show. Most have lived through the 9 iron, not many have made it through Al Roker.

This, we’re told, is a violation of  “NBC’s ethics policy,” which raises the universal question that comes immediately to mind, “NBC has an ethics policy?”   And how does someone get suspended from MSNBC for ethics violations? Isn’t that sort of like being thrown out of a whore house for cussing? If, in fact, they do have an ethics policy, Johnny Carson must have it in his suit pocket, because I don’t think anyone’s seen it in years.

And again, if there is an ethics policy, do they mean to say that Keith Olbermann is just now violating it??  Something tells me this ethics policy isn’t worth the cocktail napkin it’s written on.

Nevertheless, I don’t think Keith Olbermann should be suspended. (It took me about five minutes to type that last sentence.)  I never dreamed I would ever be in a position to defend Keith Olbermann, but there it is. Excuse me while I shower.

So he gave money to political campaigns… so what? I don’t think there’s anyone on planet Earth, except maybe Chris Matthews (OK, non-qualifying example) that thinks Keith Olbermann is a reporter or journalist or even a serious adult. I mean, this is MSNBC! Aren’t these the people that oil Nancy Pelosi’s feet every morning?

The only thing that surprised anyone about Keith Olbermann giving money to Democratic political campaigns, was that it was approximately $7200. Seems like quite a bit of money for someone that everyone assumed was on hourly pay.

To be honest, I’ve seen maybe 35 seconds total of Keith Olbermann in action and over about seven attempted viewings, but I’m sure of this—there are a lot of factors that have contributed to the growing ranks of conservatives in this country, and you’d be hard pressed to find many more effective than Keith Olbermann.

Put him back on MSNBC and turn up the volume. He has paid good money to keep that spot and his several hundred regular viewers deserve him.

  1. kluckmeister says:

    I’ve never survived Al Roker. I have a defibrillator on standyby everytime (much like James Bond in Casino Royal)

  2. walksalone says:

    Great post. I am still wondering about MSNBC having an ethic’s policy myself. They had to have done an archaeological dig to find it.

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