A Call to Battle

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Bigdawgz Bark (Politics)
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Perhaps for the first time in America’s history, our country hangs by the thread of a vote. We assume that every American cherishes their freedom, their independence. But many in this country would gladly exchange their independence for dependence. Many already have. Most are unaware that by choosing dependence, they sell themselves and their families into a form of slavery. A suffocating pit from which there is little chance of escape. And does the government then bear the burden and responsibility for their lives? No. The government can do nothing, provide nothing except that which it takes from others.

This is the tyranny our forefather’s rejected and overcame.  And with great sacrifice, in the fires that try men’s souls, they forged a new nation. To preserve that nation and the liberty of its citizens, they designed a new form of government, one never before seen.  A government that ruled, not from the top down, concentrated and gripped in the hands of a few, but from the bottom up, guarded and guided by the people.  Governance by “consent of the governed.” 

They formed this government cautiously, almost reluctantly. Recognizing the dangerous propensity of government to gather unto itself the trappings of power and greed and to grow itself to monolithic proportions, they sought to chain the beast. They endeavored to guarantee our freedom by binding the government within the specified limits of the Constitution. They delivered into our hands a Republic, “if you can keep it,” declared Benjamin Franklin.

And so we prepare ourselves to answer that challenge. Will we rise to arrest a government that has wrested itself from its legal confines? Will we seize the opportunity and the privilege to rush to the sides of those who have paid the ultimate price, those who risk their lives this very day to preserve our freedom? Will we stand together to re-impose the constraints of limited government via the Constitution?

Our founders entrusted to us a weapon that draws no blood, takes no lives. Yet it has the power to tame the beast of tyranny. They gave us the power to vote. Duty calls.

  1. lizp4 says:

    Well said! It’s good that we are hearing from others of similar beliefs. Sarah Palin’s interview with Chris Wallace was edifying, to say the least, but she is not backing down or changing course. I stand with her.

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