Freedom of Pre-Approved Speech

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Bigdawgz Bark (Politics)
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Practitioners of political correctness are increasingly exposed in their hypocrisy and their true motives laid bare—march in lock step with them or be trampled.  We’ve witnessed it in thuggish regimes throughout history and to present day. We see it in radical Islam and in leftist ideology around the world, including here in our own country.

Freedom of speech is anathema to them. It is sometimes taken swiftly, sometimes gradually, but it must be taken. Those who speak in opposition, who think differently, who fall out of lockstep, must be silenced. Note the left’s war against Fox News and against American citizens gathering and speaking out against Obama and his policies. These citizens who are exercising their 1st Amendment rights are demonized as bigoted racists by the left in an attempt to silence all opposing voices.

And herein lies their hypocrisy—that these who tout themselves to be tolerant and compassionate, are neither.

It is standard practice on the campuses and in the halls of American universities, infected and overrun by left-wing ideologues, to shout down, intimidate, or ban speech that is in opposition to their doctrine. “Hate speech” is the silencing-bat now brutally wielded along with perennial favorite, “racist.”

Campus shout-downs of conservative speakers by student mobs, often led by faculty members, have been common since the early eighties. Jeane Kirkpatrick was famously shouted down at the University of California  at Berkeley in 1983. Faculty members justified their actions and those of their students by claiming that “oppressors have no free speech rights.” Of course, the truth that those who deny free speech are the oppressors, escaped the zealots completely. Consider several recent examples, just this past week, of the continuing erosion of free speech by the left.

  • Arianna Huffington, accusing Jenny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of calling Barack Obama a tyrant, suggests that freedom of speech shouldn’t include “irrational statements”.  Obviously, Ms. Huffington  presumes herself and her fellow lockstep automatons to be seated in the Ministry of Rational Thought.  This from a woman who once published that “Adolf Hitler was a better man than President George Bush.”
  • Earlier this week, a union fired one of its workers for wearing a George H. W. Bush sweatshirt and hat. The worker pleaded that his clothes were a show of support for his son who was serving on the aircraft carrier, USS George H W Bush. Union leaders fired him anyway. Message to millions of union employees: To keep your job, stay in lockstep with us.
  • Proving that absolutely no one is safe when they fall out of step, Juan Williams, liberal news analyst for NPR, was fired for not towing the line of political correctness by daring to share that he sometimes gets worried or nervous when he’s on a plane with people in Muslim garb. Never mind that he went on to explain that he thought this was wrong and that we shouldn’t project the crimes and motives of some Muslims on all Muslims. Not good enough for NPR. Many believe that Williams’ firing was a trigger waiting to be pulled and that Juan was jettisoned from the acceptable ranks of the leftist message machine in response to his regular appearances as a Fox News contributor and for his repeated displays of “free thinking” outside of prescribed boundaries.

The full frontal assault on the American people and their freedom of speech goes all the way to the White House. Obama’s now frequent and unseemly, often juvenile attacks against those who oppose him, has been astonishing to witness. Obama’s choice for Legal Advisor to the Department of State, Harold Koh, supports the criticism of “America’s human-rights narcissism, particularly in its embrace of the First Amendment,” in what he calls a “penetrating essay” by Michael Ignatieff.

And so they march on, in perfect lockstep, claiming themselves to be virtuous guardians of all that is good, while openly trampling those who get in their way. It’s a scene we’ve seen played out in history many times. And it has never ended well.


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