Who’s Driving the Bus?

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Bigdawgz Bark (Politics)
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Remember when your Democrat friends and relatives used to arch their backs and hiss like wet cats whenever you suggested the party was drifting further and further left into Socialist/Communist waters. “Hate monger,” they spewed in response. Then they’d inexplicably run out of the room like they suddenly realized Rosie O’Donnell was digging around in their refrigerator.

We were called “paranoid conspiracy nuts”; “Glenn Beck lemmings”; and of course, the obligatory “racist” just for good measure. These and any other of a dozen or more pre-programmed response phrases that are hardwired into their central nervous systems. (I’m told by reliable sources that this programming takes place during a rather simple out-patient procedure—usually at their Wednesday night Starbucks meetings.)

The Oct 2 Obama/Pelosi-endorsed “One Nation” rally in Washington D.C. gave us all a pretty scary peek behind the curtain of the Democratic Party. And I’m not just talking about Ed Schultz. I printed out a list of “endorsing organizations” from the One Nation website and it ate up twenty-six pages. I mention that in case any of the sponsoring eco-terrorist group members are reading. Let’s check the guest list… The Apollo Alliance…check, hosted by the NAACP… nothing else to do…check, Code Pink…of course. Here we go… Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialist Organization, Communist Party of America… an oxymoron in my book, but there in big numbers none the less.

Oh, let’s see… lot’s of union groups, eternal victim groups, Drum Major Institute (?)… gosh, is nothing sacred anymore?  Quite a few Marxist groups here with innocuous names (ie. ANSWER, War Resisters League, etc.).  The Coffee Party Progressives… I guess that’s the Starbucks crowd.

SEIU’s purple-shirted thugs were there in case any random incidents of peace and tranquility broke out.  

And ACORN was there, but nobody recognized them because no one’s figured out their new code names yet.

Now to be fair, there were a lot of good, concerned American citizens there. There are plenty of honest, hard-working Americans, many of my own family members and friends among them, who have been Democrats all their voting-lives. But you’ve got to think that at some point they’d wake up and look around them and say, “My gosh, who are these people I find myself aligned with?”

Maybe they’ve just been riding the “D-Party Bus” so long, with their heads out the window (throwing eggs at the Tea Party-ers, I guess) that they haven’t noticed that the bus driver bears a remarkable resemblance to Karl Marx.

Wake up, true American Democrats! Your bus has been hijacked!

  1. Yovnne says:

    First of all, congrats on your new web site. Its good and interesting. The main thing I want to say is, People need to go back and read the history of the USA way back, when the original 13th amendment was removed from the Constitution and the congress rewrote the Constitution and left off the original 13th amendment. After you read it, you will know why they secretly removed it. Americans have been asleep for over a hundred years thinking the democrats were for the poor people, that is all I heard during my childhood and still do from some. I’m sure they were for the poor until they fooled the less fortunate into believing in them. The american people have been complacent not interested in what the gov was doing, I for one, hated politics so I had no interest, and I believe the people trusted their government to do what they said they would do. Well from the early years of this beautiful country, the government has been corrupted and more so now and has sold us out. Please go to these sites and read and soak in what is happening. Did you know Washington DC is a corporation?
    This is why these democrats and some republicans know they can tell you the Constitution, NOW does not protect you. Obama studied all this about the constitution and he knows he can get by with what he is doing because of what was done many many years ago. IN GOD WE TRUST GOD Bless the Rebublic of America


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