Not sure? Ask Snopes.

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Bigdawgz Howl (Funny Stuff)
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Ever passed along a bit of information from the internet to your email friends only to have one of them return it with a note that they had checked it out on and found out that none of it was true. Yeah, I know. Nothing like a little truth to spoil the fun. For many souls zipping around the world wide web, Snopes has become the arbiter of truth. But who are these people and what makes them the experts. Well, we did a little checking and here’s what we found.

Snopes, as it turns out, is Todd and Wanda Snopes, working out of Cuddy’s Sorrow, Oklahoma and armed with a partial set of encylopedias (“We’re missing the I-J edition.”) and a subscription to People magazine. Todd and Wanda are setting the record straight.

Todd Snopes

Wanda Snopes

Wanda explains “how the whole thing got started.” 

“Todd had a computer he used in his bait and tackle business. The business nose-dived when oil leaked out of his Pontiac Firebird and got in the worm bed.”

“Fish don’t bite on oily worms,” says Todd. “You can try to squeeze the oil out, but it don’t leave much worm. That pretty much put us out of business.”  

Todd's worm bed

“I started getting on the computer more and more, since it wasn’t being used for anything else,” Wanda remembers, “and started learning my way around the internet.”

“I was on there one day looking around, trying to find out where to redeem seventy-three hundred Raleigh cigarette coupons that Mama left as my inheritance. She was two hundred short of that set of Wild Turkey lamps when she died.”

7300 Raleigh cigarette coupons. Wanda's inheritance.

Wild Turkey lamp set. 7500 Raleigh coupons.

“Anyway,” continues Wanda, “while I was on there diggin’ around I came across this blog story about an email that was circulating saying that Ted Danson had only three toes on one foot!  Now I love Ted Danson and had just read his complete biography in People magazine and it hadn’t mentioned one thing about a three-toed Ted Danson.”

Ted Danson's complete biography in People magazine.

Three-toed footprint on the beach near Ted Danson's house.

 “So I posted a reply to everybody that the story just wasn’t true and left my email address in case anybody wanted to argue about it. Next thing you know I had someone emailing me asking me if it was true that Teflon was made from monkey fat. I wasn’t sure so I asked Todd and he said no, that monkey fat was used to make Turtle Wax, which I found pretty confusing… I mean, why not call it Monkey Wax then?” 

Todd Snopes says Turtle Wax made from monkey fat.

“Well, one thing led to another and before you know it we had a website with everybody in the world sending us stuff to ask us whether it was true or not. Thank goodness Mama left us those encyclopedias.”

“But you can thank me for the subscription to People magazine,” adds Todd.

“Yeah,” smiles Wanda, “that was my first anniversary gift.”

Wanda's mama, Birdie Jo Tankersly

  1. Jerry Gatch says:

    Very well done, Randy. I read it all. This is the perfect forum for you. But, this SNOPES story gets a FALSE, right?

    • bigdawgz says:

      Several calls to Todd and Wanda this afternoon and this evening, to get them to confirm or deny the story, have gone unanswered. Half of us think it’s because they are miffed about the story, the other half thinks it’s because it’s catfish night at the Golden Corral.

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