My James Bond Christmas

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Bigpupz Yap (Growing up in America)
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Ever since the opening scene of Goldfinger when James Bond emerged from the night waters, set plastic explosives to destroy some bad guy’s hangout, and then calmly removed his scuba dry suit to reveal a perfectly pressed white tuxedo underneath, I’ve been hooked.

That Christmas, I had to have something, anything—James Bond related. And Sears was waiting on me (and thousands like me). The 1965 Sears Wish Book Catalogue was chock full of the “must have” toys and I absolutely wore out pages 467-468. That’s where the 007 James Bond Race Set was displayed and described in incredibly tantalizing detail. In my imagination the cars would flip, make cool screeching noises, eject unwanted passengers from the car… everything I could ever want.

I didn’t get the James Bond Race Set. The $33 price tag was just too much. As it turned out, most of the kids who did get the sets had to return them. The sets were apparently rushed through production and thousands of them were inoperable.

 I did get the James Bond Attaché Case that contained enough hidden weapons to plot my little brother’s untimely demise. My plots weren’t as successful as Mr. Bond’s. But then he didn’t have to contend with my mother.

James Bond Race Set in action!  (Click here)

1965 Sears Christmas Catalogue

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